Kill Audio is a little man with a purpose—he just doesn't know what it is yet.  Plagued with the burden of immortality, he spends his days alone and playing cat and mouse with the Fixler, before embarking on a journey to find his maker.  Making some friends along the way despite his sarcastic attitude, Kill Audio is looking for answers to his bizarre existence.





The skeleton of a beaver with a deep love of music.   Best friends with DJ Bedroom.  He's incapable of dying, as he's technically already dead.  Bone Beaver can manipulate his body to become different objects made of bone and is never without his boombox.





He is a bumbling villain, always in the middle of the group's missions, while trying desperately to try to murder Kill Audio.  His attempts are always annoying, but somewhat endearing. Made entirely from tools, Fixler can figure out a way to do almost anything.






A chicken with a sweet tooth for cocaine and women. Chicken Coke's habits have driven him to homelessness, but he thinks of himself as quite the pimp and suffers from serious delusions of grandeur. Below the surface he is very genuine and loyal. "Chi-co" carries a mirror around that when used properly can show the team the enemies' weaknesses.





A pillow with a nightcap and a heart of gold.  A lover of the sport, DJ travels with a sedating basketball that can put anyone to sleep.  He has a very sweet innocence about him, always wanting to help others, but can be stubborn if he doesn't get his way.




A plastic, rolled up squeaky newspaper chew toy, whose mood changes from in control to self-deprecating in the blink of an eye.  He is the latecomer and self-proclaimed " manager" of the gang, not to mention a sloppy drunk.


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